Thursday, January 1, 2009

Whips cut two ways

(Whips .. have you tried them? Sometimes they can be fun especially with dominance and submission games... Some people cant live without them. Me... I can take them or leave them. For me they are fun as dominance enhancing props. .. a bit more than window dressing for the mind... fantasy enhancing toys..Im not really into pain but can see its limited use .. occasionally. Pain for the sake pain turns me off. The following lets you imagine what I experienced (based on a true-life incident) where the home-made cat-o-nine tails had a very unexpected result.)

Imagine yourself ..naked (always works better if you imagine yourself naked doing this .. with clothes on its not the same!! grin) with sexy velvet and lace collar.. riding me.. taking me deep .. your hands on my chest..your fingers playing in the thin hair you find there .. your hips thrusting forward and back .. your back arched... head back.... breasts thrust out .. pulling your clit up and down on my washboard stomach.. my thick wet glistening cock sliding in and out as you push forward and back .. .. your knees splayed wide sliding in and out over the green satin sheets riding your stallion.. Just then I pull my whip out from under the pillow .. its a short home made cat-o-8 tails .. made from a hair brush handle and leather shoelaces...the whole thing including the handle is about 14 inches long. I take the little "cat" and drag the leather slowly over your breasts...letting you feel the little "cat's" tongues licking your super sensitive naked skin... you feel it on your skin with feelings of mixed excitement, fear, anticipation .. You think you know whats coming but you know its not allways as expected. after dragging the evil little tongues across your breasts and stomach a few times, I lay the cat over your shoulder.. letting you feel its weight... the 'tongues' (about 11 inches long ..8 of them) .. trail down our back between your shoulder blades .. I smile at you putting my hands on your hips and ramming you down making you take me more deeply. "Fuck me" I command in a very serious voice.. as you build closer and closer to orgasm I reach up and lift the handle from your shoulder.. and I slowly draw the cats tongues over your shoulder .. letting them trace down over your breast again forget your building orgasm to let it build on its own without conscious thought while you feel the sensuous touch gently but ominously tracing over your naked skin.... then suddenly I flick my wrist so the fire breathing tongues go "swish" in the air and curls around your hip to leave sharp stinging steaks of fire across your ass cheek .. then my soft finger tips .. taking away the pain ..and you are surprised to find your orgasm was growing to an exciting volume as it picked up speed and force. You hear the "ssssssh" in the air as the tongues reach out again. And again .. except for one time... the stinging streaks of fire, surprise, and shock enhance the feeling of being dominated and taken.. finally it drives you over the edge into the deep chasm of an earth shattering orgasm. ...

I reach up and grip the back of your neck ..pulling you down on my chest while your muscles spasm and tremble uncontrollably in along lingering orgasm.. I hold you tight against my chest .. to come down from your exciting high.

You cant see me biting my lip in pain and swallowing quickly to prevent myself from heaving. I'm trying to overcome the pain from the one time I missed your ass and struck my tender balls. My balls are still on fire. but like any Alpha Male I bite my lip and take it.

Sometimes the whip finds the wrong target!

(This happened to me .. much like this ... and we rolled naked on the bed laughing at my pain. .. I can still remember the fire in my balls .. kinda made me soft for a while.)