Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The First Morning After

(Ever been there? In the motel ..after fornicating, copulating and thoroughly expending your energy on a repertoire of magical sensual acts.. lasting most of the day and late into the night.. only to be awakened in the morning by a loving partner who knows even more things to do to tickle your deepest animal lusts. The Wolf )

Brenda awakened to darkness, mildly confused. She was naked. She never slept in the nude... Ohhhh. She remembered. Richard. She began to remember more as she came more fully awake. Oh my. . She had never known she had the capacity for such intense eroticism. No, not the capacity. The need. How many orgasms? She'd lost count. Actually removed her panties and touched herself as he instructed. Orgasmed as he instructed. And then, later, when he had let her choose, and she had said she wanted him inside her, when she had begged like a slut in heat. No, not a slut. Just a woman whose soul had been touched, whose desires were fully unleashed. Fuck me, please, she had begged. And he did. Oh God, did he ever. She'd never used that word before. Well, almost never. And never like that. But last night, she'd screamed it over and over. Fuck me. Please fuck me. Whenever he got close to coming himself he had stopped, pulled out, teased her with fingers, lips, tongue, driving her over the edge again and again, before he finally exploded inside her, driving her to one last climax.

The room wasn't dark, she realized suddenly. She was still wearing the blindfold she had worn last night. Ohhh. And when she had needed to pee in the middle of the night, he had led her, naked and blindfolded, to the bathroom. Oh my. Had he watched her? She felt very naked.

She reached up to remove the blindfold. She felt the silk scarves on her wrists. But her hands were free to move. Tentatively, her fingers touched the blindfold.

"Don't," he whispered softly and gently rolled her onto her stomach. "Leave your hands where they are." He kissed her neck. "Sweet Brenda," he whispered. "You're mine. You want to be mine?"


"Thank you for your orgasms. You are beautiful when you come. I want you to come for me now. When you are ready, I'll remove the blindfold. I want to look at your eyes when you come."

"Yesss," she whispered.

His fingers slid across her belly, his hand rested on her mound. She wanted it to move lower. She felt other fingertips trace circles on her neck, on her back, slowly moving lower. His mouth followed, nibbling her neck. His wet tongue sliding across her neck and shoulders. His teeth lightly grazing her nipples. She began to squirm, already becoming aroused by his touch, by the knowledge of what would follow. His hand moved lower, a finger resting on her lips, the base of the finger resting on her clitoris. Not moving. She squirmed against it. His other hand moved under her back. Fingertips tickling her ass cheeks, the back of her thigh. Her legs moved apart. Ohh. Squirming against his hand, her swollen lips parted, almost drawing his finger between them. Her clit grew harder.

He rolled her over on her stomach and began kissing her back. She gripped the sheets tightly in her hands. His fingertips moved back up the back of her thigh, moved to the inside of her thigh, teasing between her legs, the crack of her ass, fluttering lightly over her pussy, lightly scratching up her back, across her neck. He removed the blindfold. She looked back over her shoulder to see him smiling at her. She smiled. He pressed his lips to hers, holding her eyes with his. His fingers moved down over her back. His tongue found hers. They communicated deeply throught that kiss. Holding it then eventually breaking. She gasped as she felt a finger slide between her legs, into her pussy from behind. She was wet. It slid into her easily. His other a hand moved under her hip and soon a second finger slid into her from below. She ground her hips, riding the fingers which penetrated her. She felt his hard cock throb against her hip, felt the drop of moisture at the tip. The hand under her moved up, the finger sliding out of her, spreading her moisture up over her clit. She moaned. A second finger slid in beside the first from behind, filling her again. She moved against the finger on her clit, then arched back to engulf the fingers from behind. She felt herself start to move toward the edge. He gripped her lower lip in his teeth gently, kissing, sucking. He licked her tongue, swirled his tongue around hers. He slid his fingers from her pussy, spreading her wetness over her perineum. A small finger touched her anus. She moaned again. The finger was wet. Gently it pressed into her. Ohhh. She was racing toward the abyss. One finger caressed her clit, spreading wetness over it as she rode it. Another finger gently fucked her tender asshole. Two fingers slid into her pussy. She groaned. Bucked. Fucked his fingers, looking over her shoulder into his eyes, trying to tell him with her eyes what she was feeling. She came. Moaning, sucking his tongue, licking his face, bucking against his fingers. Her spirit soared. Free. When she stopped moving, he withdrew one hand, put his arm around her, leaving the other hand under her, resting on her sensitive flesh, not moving. Gently this time, he kissed her, their eyes still locked together. Gently, he took her hands, reattached the silk scarves to the headboard, and whispered, "Good morning"


  1. I appreciate the raw emotion of the writer and feel the excitement. However, I'm confused about the logistics. The woman is turned onto her stomach and then it seems she is on her back. Also, if she is riding him cowboy, leaning forward, how do the cattails drag across her breasts and stomach? Guess I'm being picky, but I need more clarity to visualize and fully experience the piece. Overall, I like it. Linda Bergen, erotic author

  2. This is a wonderful piece. Well written and perfectly descriptive. I can feel it.