Sunday, June 7, 2015

'tis me 'tis me!!!

‘Tis me, tis me. ..just waking as I lay there, abed
How would YOU like me… inside your head?
Said my head to me .. “reach down… reach down ..and shift that gear”
Get up… get up .. come outta here .
I could not move I could not rise
{now …that second part.. you know is lies}
So I laid right back and got right up
When from the hall I hear “wassup”?
“Not me” solemnly says I. 
(You can tell …‘twas another lie)
“Get up .. get up!!” Says he.
“I am I am!!” Says me!!! .. Indeed quite truthfully.
Give me a ride! ( I thought .. NO WAY!!)
I need a ride to go and play.
Or do some other thing
“Okay”, ‘sclaims I , … “I’m coming.”

---- by Richard_the_Wolf on a Sunday Afternoon in June 2015

1 comment:

  1. i like this one because, to me, it could be read as only a poem...and as a double-entendre. Well Done.